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How to Prevent Sickness

By: Emily Zhang

This season flu and Coronavirus cases have increased quickly around the world. How to prevent getting sick has become vital in our daily life.

The most common way of getting sick is by touching items in public which might already be infected by other sick people who carry viruses or bacteria. This includes shaking hands, touching elevator buttons, opening and closing doors using your hands, or gripping shopping carts.

To ensure your own health, you must wash your hands frequently. Additionally, avoid rubbing your eyes, picking your nose, or touching your face. Usually, viruses can only live for 5-10 minutes on human hands.

When you wash your hands, make sure to scrub your hands for about 20 seconds to ensure a thorough wash. You can also use hand sanitizer from time to time to keep viruses and bacteria-free, especially when it is not convenient to get to a sink.

Besides washing our hands, you can also use mouthwash, salty water, tea or just normal water when you come back home from outside. It will help you get rid of the virus.

When you need to sneeze, cover using your hand, clothes or tissue.

If you use a face mask, please use it correctly. It won’t help if you don’t cover your nose like following:


Instead of using masks, which are in short supply, try to do more exercise to improve your immunity. Spend time in the sunshine and fresh air, and also remain hydrated. If you have a stronger immune system, you will have a better chance of beating the virus. In a case in Hongkong, 19 people were exposed to the virus together, however, 11 people survived it. Your immune system plays a significant role here.

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