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How to preform a solo without being nervous

Performing can be a very nerve racking thing sometimes. Especially if you’re doing a solo. Everyone’s attention is on you and it’s like a duty not to mess up. Well, in this article I will be giving you tips on relieving nervousness before the actual performance.

The 1st thing I recommend you doing is to practice going through the whole performance and treating it like a real performance. What you could do is get a group of friends or family (if no one is willing to, feel free to get a few stuffed animals.) Pretend you’re in the performing room and practice walking in, sitting down, singing the song, bowing, etc. After that, when I had performed my solo, I wasn’t as nervous as I was supposed to be, since what is the worst that could happen?

Do not be afraid of being nervous. Instead, when I had performed my solo, I had a thought in mind, and that was, what is nervousness gonna do? You’re already here, about to perform, nervousness will do you nothing, so don’t be nervous about it. I find that very helpful, as one of my vocal teachers used to say that.

When I’m very nervous, I like to distract myself. That goes for being stressed too. I like to take my thoughts off performing and think about something else. I know that might sound very hard, but my friend used to tell me if you’re nervous, to some degree that might just mean you didn’t prepare enough, which I’m not sure if I agree or disagree.

I hope these tips helped you in performing. Best of luck on your performance! Don’t be nervous, there’s nothing to worry about. If you mess up, honestly it’s not a big deal, and the audience may not even notice, speaking from personal experience.

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