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How to Learn to play an Instrument

By: Elsa Yang

Learning an instrument is such a great way to get experience, make friends and to show off to anyone, they will be easily amazed. The question is, where do I start? How do I start? When do I start? In this article, I’ll be answering the questions for you.

The first question: Where do I get the instruments? – It’s very easy. If you have an instrument store right near your house – well, just drive right there and pick your desired instrument! Make sure to try it out so you get comfortable and used to it; you don’t want to feel uncomfortable while making music.

The next question: How do I start? – Starting to play an instrument can be very hard or easy – based on your past experiences with music. If you’ve learned an instrument before, it could be very easy since you already know the notes and can read them. If you haven’t, I recommend getting a teacher to learn or asking your friend to teach you. It’s going to be very hard to learn on your own.

The last question – When do I start? – The answer is – You can start anytime. There’s not an age or time limit on when you can play an instrument. If you want to start – just do it! There’s nothing stopping you, go for it.

Above are some of the questions my friends ask me sometimes – since I play an instrument. I hope this answered some of your thoughts!

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