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How To Be Kind to Yourself

by Eileen Guo


Life can become extremely overwhelming at the frantic pace it operates at. You may not even have any time for yourself anymore. Instead of beating yourself down, here’s a list of things that you can do to pick yourself back up:


1. Schedule “me” time


Open your calendar and see what a new day has in store for you. Take a day out of the week and choose what you want to do, and not what you need to do. Make sure that your week is filled with a few things you enjoy doing.


2. Treat yourself


Keep within means, but also learn to treat yourself once in a while. Hard work pays off to be enjoyment, so after a long day’s of work, go enjoy yourself!


3. Believe in yourself


When things are getting challenging, one of the best things to do is believe in yourself. Your hard work has gotten you to where you are right now, and will continue to get you to where you want to be.


4. Positive affirmations


Give yourself that much needed pep talk. In doing this, not only will it change your trajectory, but also drastically improve a bad mood.


5. Surround yourself


Find people who will motivate you, support you, and empower you. When life is overwhelming, find people who you can depend upon to lift you up.


6. Go for a walk


Get out into nature and see the world. Nature can greatly reduce stress levels, so go out and breathe some fresh air when you’re feeling stressed.


7. Listen to music


Technology allows us to play any song at any given moment. Take advantage of that! Music can greatly decrease stress levels, simply pull out your phone and play some music.

8. Take a nap


If you don’t quite believe in naps, take one and see the benefits it can bring. One word of caution: don’t feel guilty after you take a nap. It was well deserved.


9. Look in the mirror and compliment who you see


A compliment goes a long way; instead of sending them out into the world, send one into the mirror and see the reflection light up with glee.


10. Count 10 ways that your life is amazing


10 things, no more, no less. After you have this information, every time you find a new way to be kind to yourself, and eventually you’ll have a list a mile long.

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