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How to Avoid Procrastination

By R. Brady

Procrastination. As an extremely common factor with schoolwork, procrastination plagues students and causes them to finish assignments minutes before a due date. I am also a huge victim of procrastination, and I often find myself up past midnight trying to complete my homework. Because of this, I have recently set a goal to try to limit procrastination and get assignments done early. Here are some tricks I have learned to eliminate procrastination.

  • Make a study schedule. Every day when I get home from school, I make a list of all the assignments I need to complete. Then, I add times to each assignments to see how long each might take. Finally, I schedule it out throughout my day to get as much done as possible. Don’t forget to include study breaks, as those are just important as studying.


  • Do a little bit each day. If you have thirty pages of reading, read ten pages each day over the course of three days. Or, if you are studying multiple chapters for a test, split up the chapters into different days as well. By doing this, you will be able to finish assignments faster, and stress for finishing the assignments will lessen greatly.
  • Use class time or study hall wisely. Last year, I had a study hall period, which allowed me to finish a lot of homework at school. If you have this time available, use it, as it is extremely valuable. Although I have no study hall period this year, I’ve noticed that a few of my teachers give class time to start homework, allowing me to eliminate a few assignments during school.



    These are not always easy, so don’t feel bad if they don’t work the first few times. Hopefully, these strategies will help you limit procrastination and lessen stress during the school year.

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