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How I handle a busy schedule

Sometimes, having a busy week may be very stressful, but the reason is because there’s so many things to do. Although this can’t cancel the plans and the events, it can help you organize your week to make sure you have a week that goes smoothly.

The 1st thing I like to do, is after I flip my calendar to the next month, I use a marker to write all the dates that I have something in. This will ensure that I know what I’m doing each day, and if someone asks me a question about my schedule I can answer. I would also take a picture of it so I can have access to the schedule on my phone. This ensures I don’t have to get the calendar out every 2 seconds.

The next thing to do is to plan out your free time. Your free time is limited, and that is why you need to exactly plan it out so you have enough time to work and to rest. I like to see how long my free time is, and divide it based on preference. It’s really just personal preference, everyone prefers something but make sure you do actually have time to work – you don’t want to not get anything done, and make sure you don’t just work through your free time – you don’t want to overwork yourself.

The last thing I would do is to mentally keep up with this. I know this may sound a little harsh but there’s really nothing you could do but encourage and remind yourself about your schedule. Commit to the things and events – they will bring you good things in the future.

A busy schedule is one of the things I hate the most. Especially when I want to hang out with my friends but I’m very busy. I hope this article helped you and you take my advice!

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