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How Does Limiting Screen Time Improve Your Life?

By Kevin Gong

Technology has been revolutionizing the world to serve people to make jobs easier, better communication, and offers entertainment. However, everything has its pros and cons, and those cons can affect a person’s health negatively. Creating healthy habits and regularly restricting yourself can help combat those factors. In this essay, an overview of how the amount of screentime can affect your health will help convey the strategies to keep a healthy lifestyle.

The limitations of the study lie in the fact that the survey is cross-sectional; thus, the relationship between the intention to limit screen time and the resultant behavior is unknown. Moreover, there is no data about parental screen time. What they watch or play and how it influences their intentions to limit screen time for their children is undefined. Also, the measure of children’s TV is based on parental reports. Finally, the random sample can be different across the world and does not represent an urban, suburban or rural community of parents.

In support of my belief that screen time should be limited for children of the school age, both articles tell about the negative influence of too long screen time. For instance, children start to behave differently, they have problems with their sleep, and may eat more or less depending on what they watch or play. Moreover, their eyesight becomes poor with time.

To conclude, a website that listed benefits were analyzed. The website introduced a negative opinion on allowing children to have too much screen time and the consequential sleep deviations. Also, it spoke about parental intentions to limit screen time and its correlations with the children’s age and parental attitudes. Therefore, the screen time should be limited. Of course, it depends on parental care and child exposure to the media. However, the consequences are alarming.

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