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Helps From Deodorant

In summers, deodorant is like food for our bodies. It not only manages to keep us fresh but also keeps bacteria at bay. Unfortunately, while most of us like to keep smelling fresh, some do not know why wearing deodorant is essential. But before we jump into that, let’s have a look at how deodorant works. Deodorants work by killing the bacteria on your skin, which is the primary cause of smell combined with sweat. They also reduce the amount of sweat on the body. The deodorants contain an active ingredient (almost always an aluminum compound) to reduce the amount you sweat. The aluminum compound reacts with the electrolytes in your sweat which in turn creates a thick gel. This gel effectively blocks the top of your sweat glands and contracts your sweat pores. 

Your body is generally odorless. The culprit of body odor is mainly bacteria which is residing in your body. When this bacteria combines with sweat, it releases an odor. The mechanism behind it is that the bacteria break your work into acid and emits an unpleasant smell. The main reason you should use deodorant is to prevent the growth of bacteria in your body. Sweating encourages the growth of bacteria; since deodorant contains some antibacterial agents, it can kill that odor-causing bacteria and keep you smelling clean. 

Antiperspirants are more effective in eliminating odorous sweat than deodorants. The aluminum in antiperspirants, however, cut back on sweat by stopping up the exocrine sweat gland. So if you prefer to deal with as little armpit sweat as possible, antiperspirants are probably the best bet for you. Deodrants combined with a good shower can instantly lift your mood and keep you fresh throughout the day. In addition, it can help you stay on top of your hygiene and help you feel confident among your peers. 

All in all, If you don’t put on deodorant, then it will have consequences that make you feel unpleasant and other people might not want to be around you. It also controls any odor glands that might cause harm to your

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