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Hello, my name is Sofia, and I like to eat

By: Sofia Rodriguez Baquero

Hello, my name is Sofia and I like to eat. I’ve been on quite a few foodie adventures, and would like to share some of them with you. Not only are they all restaurants in the Bay Area, but are for the most part very affordable.

One of my all time favorite restaurants is Zareen’s, which serves a mixture of Pakistani and Indian food. Between the free chai shots, chicken tikka burrito, and gola kabab, there is no wrong move when it comes to ordering.

Both of my parents were born and raised in Puerto Rico, so my family has high standards for mofongos and tostones, and one of the only places in California that has satisfied our cravings is Sol Food. Some of my favorites are the mariquitas, bistec sandwich, and the iced coconut milk latte. Although it is quite the long drive, it is completely worth it in my opinion. One extra bonus is at the San Rafael location, they give out free oysters before you order on New Year’s Day.

When looking for a quick lunch, a good choice is Nick the Greek, where the food is always consistently delicious. The service is fast and the employees kind. Some of my favorite items to order are the Nick’s Fries, falafel plate, and gyro salad.

Ever in the mood for some fried rice? Pad thai? Tom kha? The Old Siam is a small restaurant on El Camino, where the owners are incredibly kind, and the food is always amazing. Some of my personal favorites are the mango curry, thai iced tea, and sticky rice and mango.

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