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Growing Indoor Plants

By Aimi Wen

Growing indoor plants can be tough. I have heard my own share of stories about plants dying, especially fruit and vegetable plants. Hopefully, the tips below prove to be helpful.



An important part of potting is the drainage system. For outdoor potted plants, there tends to be a hole at the bottom for excess water to drain out. However, obviously, people do not want dirty water to drain out onto their floors. Instead, put a layer of pebbles or sand at the bottom of the pot. Then, fill halfway with soil, put in the plants, and fill the rest of the pot with soil.



Some plants are easier to grow indoors than other plants. Below are fruits and vegetables that are easy to grow.

  1. Avocado:
    1. Buy an avocado dwarf plant. You can grow one from an avocado pit, but it may not bear avocados. Water it regularly but make sure that the soil is not soggy.
  2. Radish:
    1. This is one of the easiest and fastest plants to grow. Water is regularly, making sure the soil is always moist. Be careful of harvest time. Pulling it too late is a common mistake.
  3. Strawberry:
    1. Make sure the strawberry plant has a constant sunlight. If you experience heavy winter where you live, consider adding growing lights.
  4. Tomato:
    1. Similar to a strawberry plant, a tomato plant is easy to grow if you give it constant sunlight.
  5. Mint:
    1. This plant does not need direct sunlight. When watering, lightly mist it.
  6. Herbs
    1. An indoor herb garden is always helpful and unlike some of the plants on this list, herbs only need small pots. Easy herbs include basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme, chives, and parsley.
  7. Microgreens
    1. Microgreens need constant sunlight. Water it daily by misting the plants, making sure the soil is damp.

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