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Google Trips

by Selena Guo

For those planning out their summer vacations right now, I recommend using Google Trips to help you plan. I’m using it right now to plan for when I go to Spain next month and it’s proven to be very helpful.

Google Trips can be used on your phone and desktop, with a special app for iOS and Android. I’ll talk about the app, since that’s what you’ll probably be using when you’re abroad on vacation. There are several categories in the app: reservations, things to do, saved places, day plans, discounts, food & drink, getting around, and need to know. The “need to know” category is one of my favorites as it will tell you essential things like how much to tip, emergency numbers, doctors & clinics, etc. I’ve also been using the day plans category to see Google-suggested landmarks and attractions.

I’m still exploring all the functions of the app and I suggest you spend some time exploring them as well. But from my initial exposure, I’m confident that my trip will go smoothly and safely thanks to Google Trips.

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