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  • Global Leadership Officers on Stage

  • "Do Re Mi" by Happy Valley Youth Choir

  • Flute and Clarinet Duet of "Pachelbel Canon in D" by Linda and Lillian Du

  • Jazz Duet "Work Me Down" by Daphne Yan and Elizabeth Tan

  • Sandy He and Ada Ji playing "Story of the Little Town" on Guzheng

  • Veronica Gong playing Étude Op. 10, No. 12 by Frederic Chopin on Piano

  • Joyce Xu singing "The First Time in Forever" from Frozen

  • Kevin Wu playing Lalo Symphonie Espagnole on Violin

  • Energetic and Amusing- GLI members dancing the Little Apple Dance

  • Tracy Li playing 赛马 on the Erhu

  • Jerry and Jason Lai playing a Piano and Saxophone Duet of "The A Team"

  • Justin Wang (who's performed in Carnegie Hall two times) playing Etude Op. 104, No. 1 in B flat minor by Mendelssohn

  • Angela Luo performing an interpretive dance of "Man on a Wire"

  • The Grand Finale, "The Same Song" performed by Happy Valley Youth Choir

  • All GLI performers on stage

  • Our Emcees of the 2015 GLI Talent Show, Angela Luo, Benjamin Song, Jerry Lai, and Shannon Yan (Left to right)

GLI Talent Show

On August 15, 2015, a full house of people gathered at Trinity Lutheran Church to watch the most talented youths in the Tri-Valley area showcase their passions and talents. This was the 3rd Annual Talent Show hosted by Global Leadership Initiative (GLI), a non-profit organization run by high school and middle school students in the East Bay Area. The show raised over $2000 for underprivileged children locally and around the world. This year’s talent show was another huge success thanks to the teamwork of all GLI members. From recruiting talents and designing flyers and programs to operating stage lights, sound systems, video recording and other logistics, the event was organized entirely by students from East Bay high schools. Show director and GLI Co-President Cherri Wang led the team, who worked diligently on and off the stage to ensure everything run smoothly. Emcees Angela Luo, Benjamin Song, Jerry Lai, and Shannon Yan helped facilitate the planning and coordination of the event.

Happy Valley Youth Chorus started the show by setting the bar at a high with a fun and whimsical rendition of “Do Re Mi.” They wowed the audience with a passionate performance and brought out the charm of this classic piece. Another highlight of the show was Justin Wang’s performance of Etude Op. 104, No. 1 in B flat minor by Mendelssohn. The twelve-year-old piano prodigy began playing at the age of five and has since been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall for the past two years. Other talented young musicians included Linda Du, Lillian Du, Veronica Gong, Kevin Gao, Jerry Lai, Jason Lai, Sandy He, Ada Ji , and Tracy Li. They showcased their musical talents on myriads of instruments like the flute, clarinet, violin, and saxophone, as well as Chinese traditional instruments Guzheng and Erhu. But the big feature of the night was a group dance of nine GLI members, led by Ashley Zhuang and Adam Zhu. They stole the show with the popular “Little Apple Dance” that had the entire audience enthusiastically clapping along and laughing from their hearts.

GLI’s third annual Talent Show was an amalgamation of many talents and cultures. It was amazing to see years of hard work and dedication culminated in a single performance. As this school year of achievement wraps up for Global Leadership Initiative, its members look forward to an even better year.

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