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Getting Better at Drawing

By: Andy Chen

Malcom Gladwell once said that to become a master, you must put in 10,000 hours of hard work — and although this rings true for a vast majority of endeavors, it’s especially relevant when it comes to drawing.

Drawing has numerous benefits, including but not limited to improved creativity, memory, communication skills, and stress relief. With that being said, how does one get better at drawing? Obviously, it’s not a skill one can pick up overnight.

The first step to getting better at drawing is to practice drawing basic shapes. We’ve all made jokes about drawing tutorials’ ridiculous jumps from a few ovals and squares to an elaborate masterpiece, but they might be onto something. Indeed, once you get the hang of drawing circles, straight lines, and other simple yet tricky-to-draw shapes, you’ll be ready to try creating your first original drawings — try to break what you’re illustrating into multiple basic shapes, so as to simplify the process.

After you’ve drawn a few simple drawings, gradually increase the difficulty level of your drawings — at this point, you should be able to combine or draw unorthodox shapes. You’ll also want to start learning several drawing nuances, including shading and the properties of colors. Always remember that Google is your friend; don’t be afraid to search questions up.

That’s about it —  just keep on drawing and drawing! As time passes, keep on upping the difficulty of your drawings to maintain steady improvement; oftentimes, it helps to revisit previous drawings and redraw them, both to observe your improvement and to recognize your past mistakes. Also, try to draw a wide variety of objects, ranging from industrial buildings to organic plants to human beings, so you don’t become too accustomed to one subject.

In essence, practice, practice, practice. As long as you persevere, you too can become a master at drawing.

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