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Fully Understanding a Book

Hello, in this article I will be giving you tips on how to fully understand a book – the meaning, what it means in depth and what it’s saying. Read furthermore to find out. Below are three tips to help you.

The first thing I like to do when I am reading the book is to annotate. I write down how I feel about certain events, characters and dialogue in the book. I also write down quotes I feel are interesting. I feel like this helps me understand the book better and more in depth. After I finish the book, I look back at my annotations and write down more thoughts.

Another thing that I like to do is look at the annotations of websites because they give me a better understanding. I like using sparknotes because it helps me a lot to understand what is going on with the story, especially when the story is hard to understand and the wording is unique. After that I can know what certain scenes are showing. 

The last thing I like to do is talk about it to someone who has also read this book. This helps me understand what they’re feeling and if they have different thoughts than me – which I’m happy to listen to. I like to engage in conversations with people who have read this book. 

Above are my tips on how to understand a book better and understanding a book can be hard, especially if the wording is complicated.

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