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Floods in California

By Suri Zheng

Photos: California flooding | CNN

This year has already begun with a bad start. The amount of rain that Monterey, California, has been getting is sufficient to replace the droughts over the past years, but the rainfall has been too much; creating natural disasters, like floods. 

Monterey Peninsula has been flooded from the amount of rainfall over the last 2 weeks and this could make the residents soon be living on an island that will cut them off from California. Over the past 2 weeks, 18 people have died, countless homes have been flooded and trees have toppled over causing unrest in Monterey communities. “If anyone was here in 1995, you know that during a large flooding event, the Monterey Peninsula became an island – people were either stuck on one side or the other,” said Monterey County Sheriff Tina Nieto on CNN. And This year they predict a similar situation will happen as the sheriff’s office in Salinas, California already issued an evacuation warning in case of floods. 

Not Just Monterey, but many other parts of California were also hit with strong floods. Many other casualties follow the natural disaster: many rivers and streams overflowed, residents in Piru worked together to shovel mud off roads, 200 and more people are looking for a 5-year-old boy that got swept away in the flood at San Luis Obispo county, and many more. 

Good thing is that now only 1% of California is in extreme drought conditions, according to a US drought conditions report. But looking back in the last 2 and a half weeks, California got more than half of the precipitation it would usually get in a year, according to the National Weather Service. On one hand, California escaped the droughts but also suffered many unfortunate disasters. 

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