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Every Student’s Dream Comes True: New York School District May Ban Homework

By Krystal Yang

Homework is the bane of every student’s existence. After a long day at school, students escape to the comforts of home, only to settle down with piles of paper and books to continue grueling school-work. However, students have begun grassroot movements to try to reverse the long-standing tradition of school homework. After all, while homework keeps students occupied and reinforces concepts that students learn at school, having too much homework can cause stress and prevent children from getting out of the home to exercise and/or to socialize with their peers.

All these negative aspects of homework has, according to Alexa Lardieri, a staff writer at U.S. News, inspired two fifth-grade students from Farley Elementary School in Stony Point, New York. These two children have begun a serious petition to ban homework at their school. This petition was widely supported by their peers, leading the school district to consider the grassroots proposition. On the other hand, Assistant Superintendent Kris Felicello states “‘It’s really not about banning homework or no homework– it’s about rethinking it, and how can we do it different to better the needs of our students.’” Felicello explains how providing children with more free time could help them “discover things that they’re interested in doing” and discovering new hobbies. However, with the rise of social media and the Internet, kids now get easily caught up with video games and mindless Youtube videos. Thus, eliminating homework could pose both benefits and threats to children’s education. Although Farley Elementary School’s petition may not be fully adopted, this school’s current situation could serve as a case study for future educators when determining how to structure a curriculum that helps children prepare for life beyond school.

Source: https://www.usnews.com/news/education-news/articles/2018-05-31/new-york-schooldistrict-weighs-banning-homework


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