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Essay Tips Part 1

Writing an essay can be very tuff. Based on my personal experience, I have struggled with essays before I got some helpful tips from my friends that helped me alot, and I am here to share them today with you.

The first tip is – always revise. Revising is such an important part of writing an essay, and I cannot stress this enough. One time I wrote an essay at the last minute and had no time to revise, I noticed I had many spelling mistakes once I submitted and I regretted it a lot. But, don’t revise right after you write an essay, make sure to revise after you relax because it might seem right at the moment and then when you read it afterwards, it doesn’t!

Next tip is to always try to use “fancy” and formal wording. For example, in an essay, don’t use “can’t” “don’t”, instead use “cannot” “do not”, This will make your essay seem more complex and formal instead of an informal portrayal.

The last tip I have is to always have a structure of what you want to write beforehand. This will ensure you actually have an idea of what you’re writing instead of just writing random and going off topic halfway. This will also make your essay have a structure.

Instead are the tips I recommend for writing an essay. More tips are coming in the tips part 2, so more tips will be coming on the way!

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