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Elon Musk’s Solar Roof

By: Bryan

Tesla’s already very well known for creating very efficient electric cars. Now, it’s heading in a different direction with its new Solar Roofs. These tiles effectively replace traditional roof tiling by providing clean, renewable solar energy to the entire household. It is also more effective than traditional solar roof panels, getting 98% more energy. Electricity generated from the solar roof is saved in a battery called the Powerwall.  When you aren’t home, the electricity is stored in the battery for later usage. Not only does the solar roof save electricity, but also looks significantly better than normal asphalt roofing. Four patterns of glass tile roofing will be available: Tuscan, slate, textured, and smooth.  Composed of tempered glass, the new roofs are actually even more durable than normal tiles. The company is currently working on a possible coating that will increase efficiency beyond traditional solar panels. The price of installing a solar roof is very impressive as well, actually costing less than a non-solar roof. The new solar panel roof is clearly the future of clean energy innovation; compared to traditional roof tiles, it looks better, is more durable, costs less, and provides clean solar energy to your home, cutting electricity costs and saving the environment.

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