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Electronic Society

By: Sarah Lu


100 years ago, human civilization focused on building the future with technology; we depicted that the future contained flying cars, hover boards, and a cure for all diseases. Many people in the modern world still dream of futuristic technology, but we fail to realize that the technology we have dreamed about has already arrived. Though technology can be distracting, it has greatly impacted human civilization through health and our daily lives.

Technology is used in many places to make systems faster and more connected. Our healthcare system exemplifies this in the sense that hospitals would not be able to function without technology. Bioengineers have reinvented hospitals so that their operation heavily relies on computers to transfer patient information, machines to monitor health, and devices to perform surgery. For instance, newly invented robotic probes can perform less invasive surgical operations inside a patient to prevent complications. A small hole is drilled into the patient and a robotic probe is inserted. The probe is controlled by a surgeon using remote controls, similar to playing a video game. New technology like the robotic probe causes surgery to contain less human error that leads to better health results. With new medical technology developing, modern health is flourishing and is on the path to curing major terminal diseases.

From entertainment to work, technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. Technology has allowed people to feel more connected to each other. Through Skype, messaging, and Instagram, people can contact others with a simple “click” in a matter of seconds. Technology has become a crucial part of our daily lives; it makes tasks more efficient, fast, and effortless. With the new technology, patient even can connect to doctors through video visit to avoid the traditional office.

Technology has had a positive impact on society and human civilization on a daily basis and in health. New devices make medical operations easier with less error. Phones and other smart devices provide a source for social media, news, entertainment, and can connect the users with the community. Technology is instantly updating and speedily sending and receiving messages. With this speed, simple tasks can be done quickly and efficiently. We might not have flying cars yet, but based on the rate we’re going at now, it is an imminent possibility.

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