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Eat your Breakfast

By Caryn Cai

Even a good night’s sleep cannot counteract the negative effects not eating breakfast has on our bodies. For one thing, it can cause hypoglycemia, a condition where the body holds exceedingly low amounts of sugar in the bloodstream. After a night of sleep, the body’s nutrition levels have been depleted, and your blood glucose concentration is generally really low. Eating breakfast not only replenishes the sugar lost during sleep, but also prevents symptoms of weakness and dizziness from hypoglycemia.

Another factor is the importance of breakfast in contributing to weight loss. Some people may think that not taking in your daily morning meal will reduce calorie intake, therefore reducing their weight. However, people who do not eat breakfast often unconsciously take in a lot more during lunch.  Many cannot help eating too much when hunger takes over because of their body’s instinctual self-regulation, which leads to gaining weight.

Cholelithiasis, also known as gallstones, is a common disorder. However, a survey concluded that more than 90% of patients with gallstones do not eat breakfast. Fasting for too long reduces bile secretion, and as the cholesterol content remains unchanged, the gallbladder forms these solid lumps, which cause immense pain for patients.

In addition to gallstones, people who do not eat breakfast may be susceptible to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Sleep, breathing, urination, and sweat result in a lot of water loss. Not eating breakfast or drinking water causes blood viscosity to rise, making it easier for smaller vessels to get plugged.

All in all, not eating breakfast can greatly affect your daily health and mood, as well as contribute to dangerous effects in the long term. In addition to messing up your biological clock and your body’s rhythm, it may negatively impact your health’s longevity.

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