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By: Alex Wang

When you hear someone say drone, what do you think about? Do you think about the military’s computer controlled drones? Do you think about the drones in outer space, hard at work for science? Or do you think of the drones that you buy and play with at home? No matter what the image in your mind is, what you’re thinking about is probably a relatively new invention.

How about the drones in space? They’re merely a small portion of the space industry. Yet, they are still important to space research! They can reach places humans can’t, thus being able to explore more than humans can. Rocks, water?, and other debris, nothing escapes the grasp of the mighty space-drone!

On the other hand, entertainment drones are the most common. From kiddy drones, to professional drones, entertainment drones all exist solely for entertainment. Moviemakers and racers use professional drones in their daily lives. And of course, kids who just want to have fun may also use drones.

But drones aren’t limited to entertainment. In the future, we can use drones for new things. Amazon is already starting a program called Amazon Air, which delivers packages to customers with drones.

In summary, a drone can be considered an unmanned flying object (or U.F.O. 🙂 ). They can be used for research, entertainment, war and also in many other ways. As technology advances, drones will become more widely used by humans.

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