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By: Jocelyn Li

Goals and dreams are valuable; they push you to do certain tasks and they give you a clear view of what you want from both yourself and others. In the KQED-run program of This I Believe, two people with extremely contrasting viewpoints regarding dreams are presented. To professional skater Tony Hawk, passions should be pursued no matter the barrier. Hawk’s hobby of skateboarding was originally looked down upon by his teachers, family, and friends, yet his dedication to the sport eventually paid off. Chinese immigrant Ying Ying Yu, on the other hand, believes that dreams are just illusions and unrealistic thoughts, as it is only proper for a child to uphold whatever their parents or teachers wish for him. The two perspectives vary drastically, yet each provide their own valid reasons. While it is important to find a path that is enjoyable for you to pursue, the ideas and values of your family are also extremely valuable and should be respected and taken to heart. Being as free as Hawk could have its consequences, yet following extremes as severe as Yu’s family ideals is, at the same time, quite restraining and limited. After watching this program, my own opinion is that perhaps the most ideal method is to simply find a happy medium between the two, as both hold their own significance.

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