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We Don’t Need to Drive Anymore

By: Dan

Technology is moving forward at an incredible pace, and it’s obvious. All around us, new ideas and new tech are becoming reality, and these days, there are so many plans for cars. Some people believe that all cars will become electric, or all cars will become autonomous. And now, the latter is becoming true. A bold prediction has been made: babies born today will never need to learn how to drive a car.

Already, Tesla has made a very effective autopilot system in their cars, and there have been stories where this feature drove injured drivers to hospitals. Is this the future? Will people just sit back and relax while their cars take them wherever they want to be? Most automotive companies, such as Daimler, GM, and Ford, have stated that they will have autonomous cars ready and on the road within five years.

Personally, I feel like this is quite sad. I always looked forward to learning how to drive, and knowing that it would become obsolete in a few short years is quite sad. But, most people drive to work, and people spend countless hours per year sitting in their car commuting. And not only will people just use their car to commute, their car could go out and do other things during work or overnight. Imagine, you can tell you car to be back by 7 am, and overnight, it can act as an uber.

The future is unclear, but the possibilities for cars are endless.

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