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Disadvantages of Overnight Leftovers

By: Brain Wu

Nowadays, many people prefer having leftovers since they do not want to waste food. However, most overnight leftovers have an excessive amount of nitrite, which is one of the main carcinogens in daily diet.

  1. Green vegetables: Usually, the stem and leaf part of vegetables produces the highest amount of nitrite in our diet. Various leafy vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and spinach should be consumed as soon as possible. Choosing more melon-like vegetables can efficiently reduce the potential amount of nitrite in one’s daily diet.
  2. Soy products: Tofu and other soy products contain more water, protein, and other nutrients, making them a good base for microbial culture. There may be a large number of microorganisms that decompose proteins into nitrite, making soy products extremely susceptible to nitrite buildup, increasing the chances of developing carcinogenic traits.
  3. Cold dishes: Various bacteria and parasites in cold dishes remain to flourish as there is no heat source to kill them off. Certain bacteria thrive in cold temperatures and cause severe intestinal problems such as food poisoning. Keeping cold, uncooked dishes for prolonged periods of time pose severe dangers to the body. 
  4. Seafood: Crab, fish, shrimp, and other aquatic leftovers experience protein degradation, which may cause extreme liver and kidney failure if consumed. If keeping seafood is necessary, seafood should be placed in plastic bags before being stored in the freezer.
  5. Mushrooms: Wild or artificially cultivated mushrooms can easily retain a multitude of nitrites. If kept for a prolonged period of time, one should consider throwing them away to reduce nitrite intake.

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