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Daylight Savings

Veronica Huang


Daylight savings time is ending this week on Sunday November 4, 2:00 am. Remember to set the clock back an hour! Of course, the best way is to adjust before you go to sleep, which means that you can actually sleep an extra hour this Sunday.

Daylight savings has a surprisingly long history.

It is a system that regulates local time in order to save energy. Generally, the time is advanced one hour prior to summer to make full use of  daylight. It returns to normal, or gets set back, every autumn.

Daylight saving time is implemented in more than 70 countries around the world, but is most common in North America and Europe. The United States first implemented this system in 1975, and revised the law in 2005 to change the specific time.

Due to the close economic and cultural relationship between Canada and the United States, Canada’s daylight saving time has always followed the United States. That is, like the United States, daylight saving time is implemented between the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday in November.

However, neither the U.S. nor Canada implements daylight saving time in a nationwide integration. Hawaii, the majority of Arizona, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands do not use daylight saving time.

A quick safety tip: when the clock is set back an hour, workers commute to work in the bright morning, but return after dark. Drivers and pedestrians should pay more attention to safety, and enjoy the sunny mornings.

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