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Current Events Summary 5/17-5/24

National News:

  • Nobel Prize winner of 1994 for mathematics, John Nash, , was killed in a car accident along with his wife on Saturday, May 23, aged 86. His life accomplishments included developing theories in computational mathematics, game theory, evolutionary biology, and economics.


  • Over one-third of the saiga antelope has died mysteriously over the last few days. Kazakhstan officials reports that over 85,000 may have died so far, most likely to have been struck with an pasteurellosis epidemic.



International News:

  • A landslide in Salgar, Colombia kills over 80 people on Monday, May 18th. The landslide was caused by heavy rains in northwest Colombia, causing mud to rush into bridges and homes.


  • Members of the German Greens’ party call for recognition of gay marriage in Germany, after Ireland legalized same-sex marriage after a landslide of votes.
  • http://www.dw.de/greens-call-to-legalize-gay-marriage-in-germany/a-18473008
  • Brazilian blogger, Evany Jose Metzker has been found decapitated, five days after being reported missing, near the town of Padre Paraiso. He’s previously done investigations on child prostitution and drug dealing in Brazil.




-NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will hear the appeal of Tom Bradys suspension Thursday night.Tom Brady will be challenging punishment for his alleged role in using deflated footballs during the last AFC championship game. http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2015/05/15/brady-appeals-suspension-in-deflategate/

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