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Culture Shocked


By: Jocelyn Li

It goes without saying that two countries on opposite sides of the world would have different cultures and beliefs. South Korea and America are examples, sharing few similarities and many cultural differences. Last spring break, I was able to experience these differences myself by travelling to this foreign land famous for their beauty products and entertainment culture. Although South Korea is quite similar to China, perhaps the biggest culture shock of all was the South Korean way of greeting people. Their respectful attitude towards people of all ages is captivating, tending to bow towards anyone at every chance they get. What left a great impression on me was their warm heartedness and cordiality towards every person. Not only do Koreans frequently show respect, but they love helping others or providing them with simple gifts. You could be struggling to get through the subway system, and someone would stop to help you out. You could be simply standing around, and someone would come up to you and give you a small present. In the one week of my vacation, I’ve experienced their gift-giving a countless number of times. While these random acts of kindness can rarely be experienced in China or America, it is quite customary for the citizens of South Korea to show a little kindness everyday.

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