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By:  Lauren W

When you go to a store to buy clothes, you may have been that person to wonder what materials make up that piece of clothing. Is it polyester, wool, or cotton? Well, it turns out that some t-shirts are made out of organic cotton, versus conventionally grown cotton.

T-shirts made from organic cotton generally require more resources to make which impacts the environment. What is “organic cotton”? Organic cotton essentially comes from plants that have not been genetically engineered. Clothing made out of organic cotton may be made using more resources as compared to conventionally grown cotton.

At a panel held by Cotton Inc., some of the speakers addressed that a single plant of conventionally grown cotton produces more fiber compared to the organic cotton. The reason for this connects to genetic engineering in conventional cotton. On the other hand, more organic cotton plants need to be planted to produce the same amount of fiber as the conventional cotton. As a result, the additional resources are used in this planting process.

Next time you go to the store to shop for clothes, you should keep one thing in mind: What materials is this article of clothing made out of? If more people pay attention to the material in clothing and do not buy as many cotton clothing, there would eventually be less of a demand. In turn, this would use up less resources.

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