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Common Items That You Shouldn’t Be Putting on Your Face

For many that seek softer, lusher skin, DIY facial masks are affordable and fun. However, some recipes contain ingredients that do more harm than good.



Lemons are extremely acidic, with a pH of 2. As a result, it irritates skin and disrupts the skin’s natural pH levels. Lemon can also lighten skin due to its phototoxic oils, which can even react with sunlight and cause chemical burns.



The hard grainy texture of sugar creates microabrasions in your face and attracts bacteria. Either look into a gentler exfoliator or a safe, chemical one.


Coconut oil

The beauty world has gone into a craze over coconut oil due to its wide range of uses. However, for those that put it on their face, consider stopping. Coconut oil is actually comedogenic, which means it clogs pores and leads to breakouts. Even though it has a renowned reputation, coconut oil shouldn’t be used on the face.



These do nothing for your skin and more often than not, are harmful. They can be irritating and dry out your skin. Lavender oil is one example and should never be on your face.

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