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Common Health Mistakes While Studying and Writing

By Ivy Wang


Many students have writing or study habits that are detrimental to their bodies. Here are some of the common mistakes that students make, and solutions that can lead to better overall health:


Mistake: Writing for long uninterrupted periods of time.

Solution: Take a break from writing every once in a while. Move your fingers around to get blood circulating, and let the muscles in your arm, hand, and fingers relax.


Mistake: Using writing utensils that are not a good fit for your hand or cause soreness and fatigue while writing.

Solution: Choose a writing utensil that has a soft grip and is not too heavy. In addition, avoid gripping the utensil too firmly. This can help minimize damage to your fingernails, hand muscles, and the skin of your fingers. Everyone is different, so make sure you pick something that works well for you!


Mistake: Poor posture during writing and studying. Many things, including a table or chair that is not the right height, or inadequate lighting, can cause this.

Solution: Make sure that you are able to sit up straight in your chair while doing your homework. Avoid slouching or hunching forward, as both can cause damage to your spine and back over time. When using a laptop or computer, make sure that you can see the screen while looking straight ahead. It is also very important to have adequate lighting in your study area, as poor lighting leads to eye damage over time and often causes students to hunch over their work to see it better.


Mistake: Unhealthy eating and drinking habits while studying or doing homework, such as eating chips and drinking soda.

Solution: Hydration is very important, so drink water often while studying. Avoid eating unhealthy snacks or drinking sugary drinks, as those can lower your concentration and productivity rate. Instead, eat fruits, nuts, or vegetables. Certain foods, such as blueberries, avocados, and cashews, can boost concentration and memory.


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