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Clothing Styles

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to find your own dressing style.

Over the years, dressing styles have changed drastically. From corsets and suits to modern T-shirts and pants. To find your own style, you should look online. A few websites that I recommend are Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram. Search up different colors of clothing you like to wear on those three websites. A bunch of options will come up, and if you find the one you like, look at the similar posts recommended to you. 

After you find your desired style or from these pictures, try searching online for the clothing pieces that they wear. A good place to search for them are in thrifting stores because they are affordable and a variety of options are shown to you. Another good option is to go on TikTok and search up the name of the style if you know it, to get inspiration. 

People have different clothing styles, and naturally, they will shop at different places. Different people of different ages will have different clothing styles, people with different aesthetics but also have different certain styles. Another way to find your clothes style is simply to experiment. For example, I like to go into my sister’s wardrobe and look around for clothes that she doesn’t wear anymore so I can get inspiration for my clothing style. 

Don’t worry if you can’t find your own clothing styles, slowly discovering is an option and changing is also another option. Don’t feel pressured into staying in the same style, experiment with different combinations, and that is how you find your clothing style.

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