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Climbing, Good or Bad?

By Runjie Xiao

Recently, climbing has become increasingly popular as an enjoyable method to positively impact one’s physical and mental health. This activity can help people simultaneously improve their body strength and boost their stamina. Climbing frequently can increase the strength of the lower extremities, improve the flexibility of the joints, promote venous blood reflux of lower extremities, and prevent varicose veins. When you are climbing, your arms, joints, and the muscles of your waist and back are constantly moving, improving metabolism and enhance cardiopulmonary function.

An often overlooked benefit of climbing is its impact on mental health. Scaling a mountain step by step as if ascending a steep staircase, you feel exhausted during the long journey upwards. However, as you conquer a peak after another, finally reaching the summit submerges successful climbers in a heavenly realm. Climbing is nature’s challenge for you to challenge yourself. When you are able to succeed, you feel the pride resulting from a difficult accomplishment. For urbanites who lack interest in traditional exercise, these feelings are undoubtedly one of the best remedies.

In addition, climbing can spark creative inspiration. For people working indoors, climbing in a fresh environment is the best way to get rest which can relax all the nervous brain cells. There are so many benefits of climbing but are there any disadvantages of climbing? Of course there is.

If people climb in the improper way, there will appear some security risks. Climbing is a very heavy exercise and in the process of climbing, it’s prone to excessive load, which will lead to sudden onset of some cardiovascular diseases. Also, there are some safety problems when people are climbing. According to spokeswoman and Jamie Richards who is Park Ranger of Yosemite National Park, there had two climbers who fell to their deaths on June 2nd moring at Yosemite National Park in California. In addition, there had another hiker who fell to his death when climbing Yosemite’s famous Half Dome trail. People cannot prevent accidents during the process of climbing.

From the advantages to disadvantages of climbing, people should make wisely choose the climbing locations and people need to be fully prepared before climbing. Adequate water, healthy food, and necessary climbing tools are helpful to climbers. People should make the right choice when their physical strength reaches the limit. Do no force yourself to continue climbing when you are overstretched. What do you think about climbing? Will you still choose to climb even there are risks?


Reference: https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/02/us/climbers-fall-yosemite-national-park/index.html


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