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CES 2021 Scheduled to be Held In Person with a Livestream Option

By: Zeru Peter Li

On May 7, 2020, the CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, announced that its event in 2021, which was planned to be in January 2021, would continue to be held in person, but with another live streaming option. The association is working cooperatively both on the inside and the outside to resolve issues in a time like this. The constantly changed restrictions set by the government during the pandemic adds some potential problems. 

Due to the current Pandemic taking place all around the world, it is important for the association to come up with different approaches, steps, and measures at its event that is going to be held in early 2021. The CES association has said that it will enforce rules that would greatly limit the chance of potential virus transmission. Some of these possible new steps would include temperature checks upon entry, wider distance between seats during the conference, virtual payment, and sanitization on a great scale. 

The Consumer Electronics Show is considered one of the largest and most influential tech events in the world. People would find new technology advancements at CES every year. Some of the newest developments in the industry unveil at CES, with past technology like Virtual Reality, Foldable Tablets, Eye-Tracking laptops, and much more. 

The CES has announced that there would be a wide variety of selections for live streams during the event. This would allow people staying at home to also have a peak of what new products are being developed. In addition, the CES team has said that it would possibly establish a section that would highlight some of the products that are made to be used in a quarantine and social distancing time like this.

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