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Caring Only About Good Colleges is Harmful

By: Michael Yang


It seems that everything that we do in high school, from starting clubs to taking exams, is  done solely to show off to colleges. Many high school students do things not for their own enjoyment, but out of the knowledge that this will help them get into a better college. This way of thinking, that college is the only thing that matters, is harmful to both colleges and students.

Though the student may enter a prestigious college, he is unprepared for life in college, as well as life after college. The student may succeed in the short term and be accepted into a prestigious college, however, he may have simply taken easy classes in order to maintain his GPA instead of building actual life skills. Thus, when he enters college, he will find it difficult, and may struggle.

Therefore, though students should prepare for college, not everything should be based around that. One should take classes that they enjoy and that challenge them, not classes that will result in an easy A; students that follow this mindset may not enter an Ivy League, but will ultimately succeed in the future.

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