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Body piercings

Nowadays, it’s uncommon for women to not have a body piercing, be it ears, navel, or elsewhere. However, for all genders, 31% of piercings had complications such as infections. If you are thinking about getting a piercing, here are some tips:


  1. Get pierced by a trustworthy technician — Having an inexperienced person pierce your ears is a recipe for disaster. They might not puncture the flesh properly or use a dirty needle. This goes for self-piercing as well, especially since professional equipment is not used. Sanitation is incredibly important. Dirty needles can spread disease such as HIV/AIDS.
  2. Don’t remove the starter earrings until your piercings healed – The piercing technician puts in a special earring immediately after you get your piercing. If you remove them too early, you risk your piercings healing closed or improperly.
  3. Avoid fabrics that might catch – One of the worst case scenarios is having your clothing catch on your piercing and rip it out. It’s painful, messy, and takes a long time to heal.
  4. Keep your piercing clean – This should be a no-brainer, but maintaining proper hygiene of your pierced area and the piercing itself is essential. Especially in the navel area where many people forget to wash, bacteria can build up. Regular cleaning will prevent subsequent infections.


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