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Body Odor’s Prophetic Abilities

By Allen Bryan


Sometimes, even using deodorant won’t guarantee that your body won’t smell. Body odor is a natural occurrence that is caused by the build up of sweat and dirt on your body. People spend considerable amounts of time and effort to cover up their unappealing body odor. Though Axe body spray or Old Spice may help, the foul smell doesn’t really go away.

A body’s odor actually comes from the apocrine glands, which are mainly located in the armpits, back, and feet. The sweat produced is high in protein and is easy for bacteria to break down into acids, eventually causing the infamously unpleasant smell. People who are obese, eat lots of spicy foods, or sweat more tend to have a bigger scent. While others may smell your body odor from a great distance, you actually may not, since you are used to the smell that your body emits.

People much more money on deodorant and body spray than needed. What most do not know is there are actually foods that can decrease the smell on your body.  Parsley is a great food for improving body odor. It is an efficient blood purifier and assists the growth of red blood cells. Celery also has the ability to reduce body odor by eliminating toxins in your body. Lastly, limes and aromatic herbs can help as well. Some foods that may increase body odor include cruciferous vegetables (broccoli and brussel sprouts), asparagus, spicy foods, and red meats.

In most cases, the body may smell due to excessive sweating or exercising. However, some smells could signify sickness. Having a fruity smell in your mouth could be more dangerous than you think. It could mean that you have diabetic ketoacidosis, sometimes known as uncontrollable diabetes. Smelling terrible for no apparent reason could possibly be a sign of skin cancer. Gangrene, which is dying tissue, can cause your skin to smell like rotten meat.

A bad body odor is unappealing and unpleasant. However, it needs to be accepted like any other mechanism of the body. Cleaning and washing daily can help with the smell as well as choosing a good diet. If you ever feel that your body smell is different and unnatural, consider contacting a doctor for their input.


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