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Benefits from Brushing Your Teeth

By Kevin Gong

Brushing has long been established as an effective method of cleaning the teeth. Because bacteria is the source of disease, it is strongly encouraged to clean your teeth and gums daily at home. The objective of brushing is to accomplish two things. To prevent tooth decay and gum disease and to remove the buildup of plaque on exposed surfaces of the teeth. No ability or prior skill is required in the cleaning of teeth. Brushing should occur after breakfast, as well as at bedtime. Brush long enough to do the job. That means three minutes of brushing. This paper will go over the negative effects if not brushing your teeth routinely and how severe it can impact your health.

Over time, if the teeth and gums are not properly cleaned, the plaque is not removed. The plaque builds up and the bacteria in it produce acids which irritate your gums. This irritation in your gums will show as redness with bleeding, swelling and tenderness. This is the early stages of a condition called gingivitis, or as it might more commonly known, gum disease. 

People who don’t brush their teeth will likely develop gum disease quickly. Living with such can be uncomfortable and affect your mood and general health because you feel down about, or embarrassed by, the condition of your mouth. In order to treat gingivitis (early gum disease) and to stop gums bleeding, you need to remove the plaque and bacteria that are irritating the gums. This is easily done by improving your cleaning at home. By simply improving your cleaning at home, you should see visible improvement within a matter of days, and within a couple of weeks the bleeding should stop altogether.

Overall, If you want to enjoy tooth decay and the associated problems that go with such, you are most welcome. You will be opting to go against advice from leading organizations and putting your overall health at risk. Don’t be one of those people who can say,  I don’t brush my teeth.

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