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Beauty Test

By Anonymous

The latest craze, especially in East Asia, is the beauty test. These simple tests are alleged to prove if you are beautiful or ugly. The validity of these tests are disputable, but the tests have become extremely popular nevertheless.

One such test is the finger trap test. If your lips touch your finger when you press it to your nose and chin, you are considered beautiful. Pictures of people kissing their finger circulate through social media. The basis of the test is to consider pouty lips and a strong jaw as desirable.

Another test is the quarters and collarbone test. Supposedly, the more quarters you can fit in the hollow of your shoulder, the more attractive you are. This test has to do with skinniness and the idea that strong collarbones are beautiful.

Finally, there is the desire for pale skin. In Asian and Latin countries, pale skin is considered as better. There are many skin brightening products on the market to lighten skin. People wear face masks at the beach to avoid getting a tan. In media, models and actresses are often Photoshopped to have lighter skin.

These beauty ideals should not be an example of perfection. People are all unique and so is beauty. Being thin is not a prerequisite to being desirable. To have dark skin is not a curse of ugliness. Beauty is not objective; instead, it is something that exists in everyone. No test can define who you are.

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