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Batteryless Cameras

By: Dan

Imagine yourself in a beautiful, remote place with your digital camera. You take picture after picture, enjoying yourself as you find yourself taken over by the scenery. Suddenly, your battery runs out. How annoying would that be? Well, fear not. Scientists in Columbia have found a way to run cameras without a battery.

As we know, the image sensor being used in today’s digital cameras converts light into images. A scientist at Columbia University, Shree K. Nayar, sensed that the same sensor might be able to convert light into energy as well with minimum modification. This could possibly be the start of batteryless cameras. Soon we will have cameras that will never need to be recharged. There will be no more having to carry multiple batteries every time you go on a trip, and no more worries about having too little battery life. The benefits of this kind of technology doesn’t stop there. Perhaps, in the future, people can also figure out how to utilize the LCD screen of smart phones as well. This way, everyone in the future can carry a phone without worrying about having to recharge it.

Thanks to americanbazaaronline for the picture.

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