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Back to School

Start your school year with style!

1. Fall cleaning
Yes, we’ve all heard of spring cleaning. But you should begin your academic year with a refreshing room! Repaint! Throw out broken furniture! Donate old clothes! The result will be mind boggling. Start simple things like organizing your book shelf in rainbow order!


2. School essentials
Not sure what to buy during back to school shopping? Don’t worry. I’ve got you.

The best pen: Pilot G2 – I’ve been writing notes all my life, and you can’t go wrong with this baby.


The best backpack: North Face Recon backpack – Equipped with comfortable padding & wide straps. Lots of pockets and compartments as well!


Best notebook – “Old-school” Composition notebooks. Teachers will tell you to get these or college ruled spiral ones. Either way, it’s a classic way to capture your thoughts. Who need a handmade Italian Ciak notebook when you’ve got these?


3. Resolutions
New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all got them. Have they ever worked? Not usually. I’m here to come up with new goals for you to achieve by the end of this school year. First, set realistic goals. Very modest. Second, WRITE THEM DOWN! Have a visual to help. Every day, remind yourself of this goal. Check up on it. Third, refresh your list of goals every month. Which ones have been accomplished? Which ones have you not? Being honest to yourself is important.

4. Responsibility – Succulents!
Our parents will continue to lecture us about responsibility. It will eventually drive us insane. But I’ve come up with a beautiful solution. Last night, I walked down to my neighborhood Trader Joe’s and selected a fine specimen of succulents. Very small. Very cute. Very easy to take care of. And very cheap. Only $2.99 for a small clay pot! I took it home, gave it a little water, and named it Napoleon.

flowerSome other name choices I’ve come up with in case you’ve decided to keep a succulent:
• George
• Lewis
• Leona
• Alice
• Colin
• Bernadette
• Eddie
• Phoebe
• Sputnik

5. Chinese
Not to sound needy, but I urge you to keep up your Chinese! It will benefit you in the future. So stop trying to procrastinate on your Chinese homework. Sharpen up those pencils and get at it! I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to learn Chinese. This year, participate in extra-curricular Chinese activities like brush painting or Chinese calligraphy. Spice things up a little!


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