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How to Avoid Getting Hacked

By:Evan Li


     Hacking is using computer software to gain access to gain unauthorized data. Hacking can be very serious. It can range from putting a small virus into your computer to robbing your money. Most of the time, you will not realize you were hacked until you have already been robbed or your computer has a virus, which has copied itself many times on your computer.      

           Hackers usually hack for three reasons. The first one is for amazement or because of peer pressure (if your friends challenge you to do it); the second is that they want to steal information from you, and the third reason is the most serious: people want to cause chaos for a company or a group, by hacking.   

      There are many types of viruses you can get from being hacked. One is called the worm virus, which is common in places like schools or offices. Once the worm finds a hole into one computer, it spreads to other computers sharing the same network. Another virus is called a trojan horse, this virus is a bad thing disguised as a good thing. So you might download this virus thinking it is a game or a song. These viruses can be as simple as slowing down your computer all the way to blocking applications or websites.

       You can prevent getting hacked in many ways. One way to make sure that the website you are on is safe, can be looking at the link, which should have https:// in the front of the site. Websites don’t have to have this but if you want to be 100% secure you should always look for this sign. Every time you create a new account for a new social media website or any website, you should always come up with a good password so it’s harder to hack through it. One of the best ways to protect your things is something called two-way authentication. What two-way authentication does is that when you login to something it sends a code to your email. In order to fully login you will have to use the code they sent you and type it in. It is important to protect your important information such as emails or photos. The most effective way is to just not be stupid, and don’t download things or respond to people you don’t know.

If you are unfortunately hacked, there are several way to prevent further damage. One simple step is to cover your camera when you are not using it, because even if you are not using it hackers can access it to take a glimpse of what your house looks like. In addition, when you don’t use your phone or computer, you should always keep it away from you, hackers could possibly hijack your microphone and hear everything you are saying. There are many ways to kill viruses if your computer or cell phone is infected. The way I use and recommend to clear viruses and prevent being hacked is to install a application called Anti-Malware scanner. You first scan your computer completely, then restart your computer, and run the scan one more time to make sure. This can clear many viruses that have already gotten on your computer

   If you follow these steps listed above, then you shouldn’t have to worry much about viruses. In case you do get a virus. Then follow the steps recommended above to remove the virus.



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