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2020 College Application Under Covid-19 Crisis

By: Brian (Ruibo) Wu Due to the inconvenience caused by Covid-19, many colleges have adjusted requirements for the 2020 college application. The UC colleges firstly announced that any standard tests such as SAT, ACT, SAT Subject, will be optional, and that admission …

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The DACA Debate

By: Ryane Li DACA recipients, also known as Dreamers, make up over 200,000 essential employees and more than 40,000 of those are health care workers, who are now needed more than ever before. The story of one of these workers may change …

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What Causes Us to Form an Opinion?

By: Serena Mao As current events incessantly change and develop, America is evolving into an ever more polarized nation. Those from both parties are increasingly adamant about their perspectives while immediately dismissing any counterarguments. As a Democrat, it is easy to say …

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Incited Civil Division Through Misinformation

By: Dhruv Saran On July 4th, 2020, President Trump addressed the public in a speech commemorating the independence of the United States of America. In this address, he had stated that “99% of coronavirus cases are ‘totally harmless’” (Reston). His remarks about …

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Poland’s Ghost Election

By: Ryane Li America is not the only country struggling with its elections. Indeed, polarizing debates about how to allow voters access to the ballot box safely have pushed Poland’s political situation to the brink. The result? A ‘ghost’ election, dubbed by …

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The Color of My Skin is Not a Threat

By: Jonathan Xia 2020 has been one of the most eventful years in recent history. Two big events have most notably turned the world upside down. In late 2019, COVID-19, a respiratory disease, was discovered in Wuhan, China. This highly infectious disease …

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Censorship During Current Riots for Equality

By: Dhruv Saran On May 29, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a CNN reporter and his crew were put into custody after covering the events of protests against hostile actions taken by policemen. These actions centralize around the discrimination of African Americans, especially …

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The Role of Trends in Activism

By: Serena Mao With the rise of social media, it seems that political activism trends are here to stay. Whether it be the Sudan crisis, the push to increase gun control, or the Black Lives Matter movement, different political movements all seem …

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