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Megan T

Megan is a senior at The Harker School. She is interested in applied mathematics, computer algorithms, artificial intelligence, cognitive vision science, and economics. Outside of school, she is a tutor and mentor at the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula (BGCP), a regular volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank (SHFB), classical pianist, and an avid figure skater. In her free time, she enjoys exploring hiking trails in the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe, reading science fiction books, WIRED and The New Yorker magazines.

K-Pop Popularity

By Megan Tjandrasuwita Emerging in the early 90s, Korean pop music, also known as K-pop, has been rapidly gaining popularity through Asia and other parts of the world. It has become an international phenomenon and increasingly finding a growing international audience in …

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Upcoming Star Wars Movies

By Megan Tjandrasuwita It is no secret that George Lucas envisioned 9 episodes of the epic Star Wars saga. The franchise started with the second (original) trilogy in 1977 when Episode IV: Star Wars (later retitled as Episode IV: A New Hope) …

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Eternal Solitude

By Ajay Krishnan “So, how many siblings do you have?” “One……and only.” When people ask me how many siblings I have, I have to respond with an awkward “I’m an only child”. This is quite a strange phenomenon, coming from an Indian …

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A Desert … in Japan?

By Megan Tjandrasuwita Most tourists visiting Japan are probably familiar with the hectic metropolis cities such as Tokyo and Osaka or the traditional old imperial city such as Kyoto or the beautiful landscape such as Mount Fuji. About 73% of Japan is …

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Book Review: Outliers

By Megan Tjandrasuwita Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell takes a closer look at the “outliers” of society, whether it be similarities of the best hockey players, how the Beatles rose to success, or how being Jewish at a time when Jews were discriminated …

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Freestyle Music Composition

By Will Wu Last week, I met a friend who is taking a class with a teacher on how to compose music. I told him that he was so lucky, as learning composition would be much more efficient with the guidance of …

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March Madness

By Megan Tjandrasuwita Most of us living in United States likely know about March Madness. If you have not heard about it, don’t worry, it is not a new disease. March Madness, also called The Big Dance, is a nickname for the …

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Art and Its Influences

By Megan Tjandrasuwita Whether you’re admiring a splash of color on a mural at an art gallery in New York or peering at historical paintings in the French section of the Louvre Museum in Paris, you’re immersing yourself in a historical and …

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The Allure of Figure Skating

By Megan Tjandrasuwita At 5:30 AM, while other teenagers are still sleeping soundly in their warm beds, 16-year old Maddy has already finished her thirty-minute warm-up regimen and is on her way to a local ice rink to practice skating. For high …

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The Impact Of DACA

By Megan Tjandrasuwita   With the Congressional leaders coming to an agreement on February 7, 2018 regarding the federal government’s budget and the government shutdown ending soon after, there is still much discussion on immigration policies. Notably, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood …

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