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Satellites Blocking Our Sky

by David Zhang Satellites are man-made objects used to orbit the earth in order to provide humans with different services, such as GPS, communication, images, and climate information. As we continue to improve our technology, more and more satellites will be sent …

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Foods and Diets that Can Make You Smarter

Author: Rita Li When it comes to survival, two of the most important things someone thinks about are food and water. Today, let’s talk about one of them: food. How is food related to the brain and eating what types of food …

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Food and Mood

by Rita Li Food is an important aspect of life when considering survival. While many have suggested that eating healthy can improve physical health and body shapes, it is often ignored how healthy eating can also impact people’s mood in everyday life. …

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The Art of Aesthetics

Aesthetics, or esthetics, are branches of philosophy that deal with the nature of beauty and taste, as well as the philosophy of art. Aesthetics are particularly popular amongst teenagers. For example, finding an aesthetic is like finding what vibe a person matches …

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Attack on Titan, a Masterpiece in the Making

Elsa Yang “That day, humanity remembered, the terror of being ruled by them, the humiliation of being kept in a cage.” Attack on Titan, first created in 2013 follows the protagonist, Eren Jeager and his struggles of a world dominated by titans, …

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The Future of Video Conferencing

by Bo Wu Due to the fear of COV-19 spread around the world, most companies in the United States have asked their employees to work from home. The demand for video conferencing and collaboration tools has never been greater. Among all the video …

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