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Terraform or Fix

By: Dan We’ve been imagining how to create a new Earth as long as we’ve known that ours was dying. In the late 1930s, a few scientists and engineers posited that variations in climate were caused by humans—or more specifically, human-built systems …

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Recycling Earth Metals

By: Dan We all know about rare Earth elements. They’ve got ridiculous names likeytterbium and praseodymium, and they’re found in nearly every piece of tech you own. Despite their value, we do a horrid job recycling them. But chemists are now hoping …

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Space Deep-Sleep

By Everett In most space movies in this age, the occupants of a space ship are put in deep sleep, as it will take many many years to get to their destination. This kind of deep-sleep technology has been complete fiction. But …

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At Pluto

By: Aaron As a lot of people may know, NASA’s spacecraft New Horizons has recently reached pluto after more than 9 years. This gives us some of the first HD photos of Pluto, as it has been too far away to properly …

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Car Hacking

By Bryan Fiat-Chrysler said today it was launching a voluntary recall of 1.4 million cars, trucks and SUVs out of “an abundance of caution,” following a demonstration earlier this week by Wired magazine from two hackers who took remote control of a …

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Electronic Society

By: Sarah Lu   100 years ago, human civilization focused on building the future with technology; we depicted that the future contained flying cars, hover boards, and a cure for all diseases. Many people in the modern world still dream of futuristic …

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By: Bryan The rise of 3D printing over the past couple years has lead to many different creative ways of creation. For example, cheap 3D printed houses are already being conceptualized. But the ultimate dream is that one day, we would be …

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