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Non-deceptive Placebo

By Brian (Ruibo) Wu Surprisingly, placebo, which refers to treatments that do not have any therapeutic value, plays a significant role in modern health care. In general, patients will not be told whether they are taking a placebo. In common knowledge, once …

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New Generation Portable Power Source

By Brian (Ruibo) Wu In recent years, the mobile game market has been developing rapidly, but the constraint, battery capacity, has remained unsolved. In recent years, many mobile product companies have focused on portable power sources to increase the game experience. Recently, …

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Space Debris

By Brian (Ruibo) Wu Even though people may not see anything when they look up into the sky, there is a huge amount of garbage in the orbits around Earth. Abandoned satellites’ debris, rocket parts, and other man-made debris are the main …

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Deep Space Atomic Clock

By Brian (Ruibo) Wu A sample of a deep space atomic clock was recently launched into space and is expected to become the most stable atomic clock ever built. The miniature atomic clock, which could be installed on future spacecraft or satellites, …

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India’s One Sided Trade War

By David Zhang India has been at China’s throat recently in retaliation for the skirmish at Galwan Valley, where Chinese forces captured and killed a group of Indian soldiers. This unprovoked attack reignited conflict between China and India, and India has been …

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Artificial Blood Cells

By David Zhang Blood is a key component of our body, composed of blood cells suspended in blood plasma which carry around oxygen for our body parts. However, this means that if too much is lost, or the blood is affected by …

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