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Parents in China

By: Muzhi Liu Being a parent is hard, but being a Chinese parent is even harder. Chinese parenting is very different from western parenting. Influenced and confined by our traditional culture, Chinese parents have to cultivate their children to be “perfect”, in …

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Living a Sustainable Life

By: Eric Guo I want to start off by asking a simple question: what kind of world would you like to leave for your descendents? Is it one full of clean air and clean water, or is it one full of polluted …

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Fishing Seafood in Summer

By: Jinsong Tu Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time for people to travel around. If  you consider going somewhere tropical, but don’t want to get wet, you may wish to consider going to the beach for fishing. Fishing can help you …

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Eating to Save the Environment

By: Amber Xu Eating has been a lifelong passion of mine. My heart skipped a beat every time someone asked, “How about chicken masala?” I would jump for joy every time my parents told me that we were getting personalized pizzas for …

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By: Wencen Zou Self-discipline. I’ve been interested in this topic because it does affect me, my friendships, and most importantly, my study. So how does self-discipline affect study? Student motivation and engagement play an important role in learning and in students achieving their …

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Classical Music is Dead… Or Is It?

By: Eric Guo   “God is dead… and we have killed him!” The words of Nietzsche were true of nineteenth century Europe, but replace “God” with “Classical music” and you get a pretty accurate description of the state of classical music in …

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Social Media Challenges

By: Annie Yang These past few years, the Internet has been filled with “memes” and “challenges” on social media. Some challenges are fun and for a good cause, such as the mannequin challenge and the ALS ice bucket challenge, but majority of …

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