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Tribes Use Drones to Track Deforestation

Widespread fires have left many regions of the Amazon rainforest in great danger. While rising temperatures as a result of global climate change have played a large role, deforestation has had a more serious impact. Deforestation is the clearance and mass removal …

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Pluto’s History, Revealed

New research about Pluto has challenged initial assumptions about the dwarf planet’s characteristics. Astronomers and researchers long assumed that Pluto was a planet with low temperatures because it was formed in the Kuiper Belt, a region home to some of the coldest …

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The Hottest Month on Record

A European climate agency, Copernicus Climate Change Service, has reported that the month of May was the hottest month ever recorded worldwide. The average global temperature was around 0.63 degrees warmer than average May temperatures in between 1981 and 2010. The most …

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