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How likely are animal attacks?

How scared would you be if you found a mountain lion sitting near your house? Probably less scared than the mountain lion itself would be. Earlier this month, a well known mountain lion named P-22 was found to have crawled into the …

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The Sixth Mass Extinction

By: Michael Chang Age 12 Are there actually six mass extinctions? Many of your science teachers might have told you that there were five mass extinctions in the entire history of Earth. There were several famous mass extinctions — the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction …

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Going Beyond the Textbook

By Albert Zeng Traditionally, teachers teach their class through a textbook, but one teacher from Monta Vista High School in California goes beyond that. Business teacher Carl Schmidt from Monta Vista High School shares how he teaches by allowing his students to …

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Animals are Crying

Contributed by J. Hao Look, these animals are crying! People pull out elephant tusks, cut off deer antlers, and strip off fox and rabbit skin, all for economic gain. Does your heart hurt? Let us all together, little by little, protect our …

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