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Consequences of Fast Fashion

By Kaitlyn Wang Shoes worn only several times, forgotten dresses hanging in the closet, T-shirts that have barely seen the light of day—too often, clothes are purchased, then set aside and eventually discarded.   According to McKinsey & Company, the number of …

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Turn Your Key: Save Humanity

by Jamie Minden It’s miserably hot as my car trundles into the grocery store parking lot, heat waves rolling off the black asphalt.  As I open my door, I am overpowered by an unmistakable smell: gasoline. I notice a woman to my …

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Green Deal: Yes or No?

by Kevin Bryan Although environmental groups throughout the world are trying to make a difference with their own individual initiatives, it is ultimately the federal governments of the world that need to make the big decisions on the direction environmental legislation will …

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The Great State of Grey Water

by Christopher Noll With states like California facing periods of extreme droughts as global warming continues to worsen, some are considering ways to store and use less water to combat the effects when the next drought rears it ugly head. From dams …

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The Voices of Youth

by Natasha Yen Now, more than ever before, youth voices are breaking through ceilings, calling attention to the problem that our generation will face the devastating effects of climate change. Climate change is an undeniable crisis that every country is facing, whether …

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Mexican Wildlife at Risk

by Owen Xu Li In Mexico, the new president has some worrying plans. Andrés Manuel López Obrador is planning to build an oil refinery in record time, but the problem is that he wants to build it where an enormous mangrove is …

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The Importance of Blue Holes

by Kaitlyn Wang Just as landscapes are covered with mountains, canyons, and valleys, the geography of the ocean is anything but constant. One of the oceanic features undergoing research are blue holes: massive underwater sinkholes or caves. From above, they look like …

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What IS Acid Rain?

by Nicole Chan The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear “acid rain” is probably face-melting green radioactive goo falling from the sky, destroying everything in its path. While acid rain does destroy buildings, habitats and overall ecosystems, it …

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